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Jordan's First Year
Baby On the Way

Baby On the Way

Telling a 2 Year Old

1994 Beth Weiss, Posted to Usenet newsgroup, October 3, 1994

His dad didn't want to "tell" Jordan (who was 2 in July), so much as he thought we should just talk about it normally, and he would just come to accept it.  We've discovered that there are a couple of things about this new baby on his mind.

Jordan: Baby no get my blankie!

Me    : That's your blankie, honey.  We'll get the baby a new blankie!

Jordan: Okay.  Different blankie for baby. This blankie mine!

This has been repeated any number of times, so this morning, I foraged in the linen closet and found a quilt that someone had sent us that we'd never used.   I showed it to Jordan and he smiled really big!

Jordan: Baby new blankie!  Baby no get my blankie now!

Last night, we got home after dark, which is always an adventure for Jordan.

Jordan: Our house!

Me    : That's right!  Who lives in our house?

Jordan: Me!

Me:   : And who else?

Jordan: Uncle Eddy!

Me    : Does Uncle Eddy live here or does he visit?

Jordan: Visits.  Grampa Ed!

Me    : Grampa Ed hasn't visited here in a long time, honey, has he?     But soon, Mama is going to go visit Grampa Ed.

Jordan: Mama visit Grampa Ed and get baby and bring it back!


ROTFL!!!  I wish it was that easy!

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