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How to Write a Thank You Note

1994 Beth Weiss, Posted to Usenet newsgroup, November 12, 1994

Here are some hints for writing thank you notes:

First, write them as soon as possible after receiving the gift--you'll be the most enthusiastic then, and so your letters will ring "truer".

Start each letter with something other than "Thank you for the..."  A few ideas that I use:

  • How did you know how much I was hoping for a -----?
  • I was just looking at ---s in the store the other day, and thinking  how cute little -- would look in/with...and then your package arrived!
  • Baby wore the cute little dinosaur romper you sent yesterday, and everywhere we went, people stopped to ask where I buy his clothes.  I had to confess that it was my friend/sister/aunt who has the great taste in baby clothes!
  • I never knew how many receiving blankets one child would need!  Your thoughtful gift let us go out and buy several more, because it seems we just never have enough of the things!
  • It's so obvious that you're already parents--you knew exactly what we needed!

Include a picture, if it's post-baby.  If your letters are late, you can even use that as an excuse: "I'd wanted to get these out earlier, but then we decided to wait until the pictures came back, because we knew you'd love to see how much little sweetie has grown/looks like Grandpa, etc.

I admit it--I like to write thank you notes.  I like to know that I'm brightening someone's mailbox with a note of gratitude, and that they're able to share in the delight I feel over what they sent me.

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