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Being in Labor

Almost all pregnant women worry about labor--how bad is it going to be, really?

Just like pregnancy, your mileage may vary!  In fact, I'll be a bit stronger--your mileage will vary.  Labor is different for every woman. 

My childbirth educator told me that all women remember their birth stories--and want to talk about them.  I think she was right; I've found that whenever a conversation turns to childbirth, all the mothers present have something to share--even if they're already grandmothers.

I wrote quite a bit about my two labors.  Please remember, though, your experiences are going to be different, and that I am not a medical professional.  I have my own prejudices and beliefs, just like anyone, and what I'm sharing here is what it was like for me, what I learned, and maybe even a little bit of what I wish I knew!

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