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Bottom Line

The bottom line is that the grading in my backyard is messed up.  (was messed up?)   As a result of the grading problems and the standing water, the sunken living room flooded during a major winter rain storm.

The Solution

Fix the grading.  Isn't that simple?  Well, no, not that simple.  You see, as long as I'm having the yard torn up for regrading, I figured I should have a patio put in.  And as long as they were there, wouldn't it be nice to have fresh plant beds put along the back of the house?  And given that I'm having all this work done, doesn't it make sense to finally terrace the back yard--something I've wanted to do for years?  So, anyway, this project has grown a bit.

Friday, June 11 pictures

They're finished--now it's my turn!

IMGP1727.JPG (394972 bytes) IMGP1725.JPG (414644 bytes)

Tuesday, June 8th pictures

Tearing up the front to make new beds

IMGP1707.JPG (357179 bytes)

Monday, June 7th pictures

Building in the beds

IMGP1696.JPG (393383 bytes)

Thursday, May 13th pictures


13may0003.JPG (58661 bytes)

Wednesday, May 12th pictures

The patio base is done!

12may0001.JPG (69251 bytes)

Tuesday, May 11th pictures

The steps are in!

11may0008.JPG (76538 bytes)

Monday, May 10th pictures

Both parts of the wall are up now

10may0005.JPG (81194 bytes)

Friday, May 7th pictures

One side of the wall is in place

7may00012.JPG (100424 bytes)

Thursday, May 6th pictures

The wall foundation is in.

thu6may0010.jpg (85436 bytes)

Wednesday, May 5th pictures

The yard is torn up.

IMGP0003.JPG (72621 bytes)




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