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IMGP0689.JPG (491043 bytes) IMGP0690.JPG (481543 bytes) IMGP0691.JPG (456444 bytes)
IMGP0697.JPG (448123 bytes) There's no question that the wall was in horrible shape.  I took out the bottom 9" of drywall along the entire length of the back wall. IMGP0693.JPG (475430 bytes)
IMGP0704.JPG (470497 bytes) Stan removed the rotted wood, sealed the floor area and replaced the wood. IMGP0702.JPG (485663 bytes)
IMGP0705.JPG (455674 bytes) IMGP0725.JPG (495435 bytes) IMGP0726.JPG (435885 bytes)
IMGP0727.JPG (493177 bytes) I think his favorite part was shooting nails!  
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