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beforePic1.JPG (36437 bytes)

Trying to visualize the window treatment and colors

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beforePic4.JPG (41517 bytes)

Before removing the furniture and shutter doors from the front room.

beforePic6.JPG (15169 bytes)

I removed the trim around the doorframe, since I took off the shutter doors.

beforePic9.JPG (26661 bytes)

Close ups of the doorframe repair in progress

beforePic23.JPG (18076 bytes)

The family room doorframe isn't done as well as the front room doorframebeforePic24.JPG (26340 bytes)

beforePic11.JPG (48086 bytes)

Mildew damage to the back wall.  This drywall is going to need to be replaced along with the baseboard

.beforePic12.JPG (27335 bytes)


beforePic7.JPG (21518 bytes)

The thermostat control for the obsolete radiant ceiling heat is being removed


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beforePic18.JPG (38886 bytes)


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beforePic16.JPG (17080 bytes)
beforePic13.JPG (43065 bytes)

The cove and trim are all white

beforePic10.JPG (24924 bytes)

Empty project room--just the light and parachute are left

beforePic21.JPG (16812 bytes)

Entry way area

beforePic19.JPG (29485 bytes)

beforePic22.JPG (34356 bytes)

Color palette for the project.  Colors probably don't display "quite right", but it gives an idea
Antique Gem Coves and baseboards
Lyrical Pink Walls
Serene Thoughts Secondary Trim and entry way
Blue Waltz Bookcase and lamp
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