May 2005: Around the House

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, Some pictures from around the house, including Jordan's newly remodeled room!

I'd like to start by pointing out that this remodel was entirely Uncle Brett's fault.  He pointed out that Jordan's room had such a low CQ (Coolness Quotient) that it was negative.

He bought Jordan a cool multi-headed lamp, a black light, a black light poster, and some ultra bright white paint.

And so the room sat for a while.   When it came time to paint, the white went on the ceiling, and the walls got painted in stripes--lime green and black.

IMGP6522.JPG (102202 bytes)

Jordan on his new bed, in his new room, surrounded by pillows.  (Note the multi-headed light on the right)

IMGP6530.JPG (81586 bytes)

A cool lamp Jordan picked out

IMGP6523.JPG (103680 bytes)

Jordan curled up in his black moon chair

IMGP6525.JPG (121457 bytes)

Jordan's candle table, which is supposed to become a mess of wax

Except for a few small last tasks (a missing electric outlet cover, hinges for his door :-), and turning his closet into his dresser), Jordan's remodel is complete.   His room's CQ is now high enough to please him--and his Uncle Brett.

Below, Malina and Nova show that big black round chairs are made for kittens.

IMGP6520.JPG (107993 bytes) IMGP6519.JPG (90361 bytes)
IMGP6510.JPG (110628 bytes) IMGP6521.JPG (102532 bytes)
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