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February 2001

The Wild Animal Show at Shaw (Feb 2001) was a great time--the man who came in to do the show donated his time and displayed his animals to the Land Lab families--and the Land Lab families donated their time and attention to him!

One of the "fundraising" parts (as well as an exciting highlight) was the opportunity to get your picture taken with his snake!  When Mrs Simmons emailed me to ask if I'd help with the camera work, little did I know what I was getting into.  It turned out to be a full-blown event--and the picture taking and printing turned out to be quite a bit more than I had anticipated.  We had more computer problems than I ever might have predicted.  But, the kids (and the adults) loved their pictures with the snake, and it was funny to watch some of the faces as they got up their nerve to hold it!
As the people arrived, we worked hard to set up the machines!
Sammy was our model--this is the picture we used for all of our sample certificates: "Junior Herpetologist" and "Wanna Do Lunch?" Howard was supposed to be getting the digital camera ready, but someone handed the snake off to him, and they hammed it up together.
Jordan and Jennica both had their pictures taken with the snake.   Jennica told me later that it was very heavy (but I'm the one who almost dropped it!)      
Miranda opted for the shark's jaw! 
"Wanna do lunch?"
Aliza definitely had to hold that snake!

2001 Pictures:
COSI Wild Animal Show Family in Chicago Camporee California in Nov At Home in Dec

2001 Pictures 2002 Pictures 2003 Pictures 2004 Pictures 2005 Pictures 2006 Pictures

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